How does tshirt grams work

How does tshirt grams work.

What is the difference between 145gram tshirt and 180gram tshirt?

Surf wear quality tshirts 160/170gram
Surf wear quality tshirts 160/170gram
170gram tshirts
Surf wear quality tshirts 170gram

what is the difference between cotton comb and carded cotton?

What is the best tshirt to use?

Depending on where you get your tshirts from, which supplier you use. Most suppliers sell promotional tshirts from 135gram to 210gram.

Some suppliers have decent quality 145gram promotional tshirts.

We use 2 suppliers which are in this ebook> and their 145gram shirts are cotton comb, this means that the cotton is combed through.

This gives the t-shirt a soft feel to it.

If you want a promotional tshirt that is good quality then pick a 145gram tshirt that is cotton combed.

if it is not cotton combed and you buy from a china supplier, you may end up with a tshirt that will stretch and just is not that great quality…

What is surf wear quality?

Surf wear tshirts range from 165gram to 210gram tshirts. Billabong / Quicksilver / Tapout /Badboy generally use 165gram / 180gram / 200gram Cotton comb tshirts to print on.

What is 180 / 185 gram carded cotton tshirt?

Carded cotton is a harder cotton, it’s thick, but not as soft as a cotton comb tshirt.

Carded is good to print on, it has a tough feel and is generally a excellent tshirt to use for tshirt printing.

200gram tshirts are generally caded cotton and feel like the thickest tshirts you can buy to print on. The only thing is in the tshirt printing industry, the suppliers do not sell many colours of this type of shirt.

We use all types of tshirts depending on the job.

145gram for promotional purposes, 160 gram cotton comb for high quality surf wear feel.

170gram is also excellent, but more expensive.

180 gram carded cotton and 200gram carded cotton tshirts.

another factor we as tshirt printers need to cater for, is our suppliers don’t always have stock of certain colours in certain grammage. So we have to get what is available..

160 gram barron tshirts
160 gram barron tshirts
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