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FAQ you might want to ask…?,

you may be wanting to ask:

Can i bring my own?

No Sorry….. 🙂

“We don’t offer that type of  service, since we based online only and deliver ONLY, around the country, it’s virtually impossible to send us your stock with out incurring a lot of courier fees”(T/C)

We are not one of ‘those’ print only companies,

We supply our OWN HIGH QUALITY garments,

so please take note: HIGH QUALITY, no need to ask if these are good quality shirts, The answer is YES, we ONLY sell HIGH QUALITY products 🙂


How will i measure the fit of the shirt?

in General if you BUY a medium size shirts from local shops

(jet , pick n pay , edgars , mr price etc), then you are a medium fit


Compare a shirt you wear in your cupboard to this t-shirt size chart below, this is an avg size chart and applies mainly to our custom shirts orders, but +/- matches pre-bought shirts we sell

here are some average size charts we use for some of the stock we sell:

Crew Neck / Vneck


slim fit:

slim-fit-mens shirts

Golf shirts:

side panel-golfer

for ladies cut shirts,


ladies cut shirts are cut to suit a ladies body and as stated:

if you BUY a medium size shirts from local shops(jet , pick n pay , edgars , mr price etc), then order a medium size ladies shirt.

All over shirt printing

Average sizes: >>>>>>>>download unisex size chart



We can supply any t-shirt required

from 145gram quality shirt, **feels like a 165gram shirt**

165gram / 170gram surf wear billabong FEEL type of shirts , soft and quality feel

High grams shirts: 180 gram and 200gram t-shirts.

Sports style shirts: Moisture Management Sports shirts


Soccer shirts / Golf shirts / Hoodies / Long sleeves mens shirts, / Long sleeve ladies shirts and the list goes on..



We will custom manufacture

an all over printed style shirt from scratch for you.

Raglan sleeve, Set in sleeve cut, long sleeve, ladies fit , mens fit, track pants, vests and even custom all over printed hoodies !

How long does it take?

Simple jobs can take a few days, most times 1-2weeks is a general working pace we do.

Medium Complex Jobs 2-3weeks

Complex Jobs +4weeks


Custom Logo Design 1-2-3-4weeks really depending on the design project and the job que


All over shirt Design 1-2weeks

All over T-shirt Printing Service up to +4Weeks

Custom All over printed Hoodies +5weeks



Embroidery Services 2-3weeks

Silkscreen Services 2-3weeks

Digital Printing Service 2-3weeks



online store order > response rate with in 24hours

(if we have the stock on hand 2-3days)

(if we must order in new stock to fulfill the order 1-2weeks)