Custom Golfer

Custom Golfer

Get some custom golf shirts from us, we will design you a AWESOME one of a kind Custom Golf shirt for yourself or your team.

Minimum order is 10 units for Custom Golf shirt printing

Stand out and be a Custom Golfer, don’t follow the crowd. Be a trend setter and set a new trend with your custom golf shirts.

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South African Golfer shirt
South African Golfer shirt
8ball-pool-club-all-over-printed-sports-club-GOLF shirts
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Weather your looking for a few cool golf shirts for yourself or your team. For your business, or some cool gift ideas… We can help..

From one off orders to bulk orders, we cater for you…

Contact us, we offer a bespoke unique one of a kind customized service, like no other lame old ‘print’ business in SA..

We are not ‘printers’ , we are CREATORS !

There are thousands of lame ‘printing’ businesses all over SA, all they do is take files and print them, they have staff doing all their labor and it’s about getting work in and out!

We are not like that, You are our BEST customer and come first ! We design specific garments to suit your company / brand / style / market / appearance / Theme / Team..

We OFFER SOLUTIONS, if we see it is needed..

We like to do custom work for each and every client, even if it’s something you like which we have done for another customer, we do not like to copy over work.

We can take elements from that previous job and customize it to suit your brand image..

So at least you know your getting something FRESH and not a typical copy cat ,(which is what ‘other printers’ tend to do, is copy..)

What ever it is you after, if you want that unique look, then contact us..

If you want customized service, Awesome Design , Stand out Shirts that ROCK ! and get people talking, contact us now !!!

We ARE the TREND setters in the custom t shirt printing industry, with a portfolio of proof 😉