We Create Design

We Create Design

What is the meaning of ‘We Create Design‘ it’s just a nice heading for a page dedicated to the awesome Design work we do at tshirtprinting.co.za

We are not your typical ‘t-shirt printing’ printer factory !

NO, we actually do not even try compete with these mindless businesses..

We offer top class worldwide customer base DESIGN Service with printing, by combining a service that offers bespoke, unique , custom , one of a kind Design service with a T-shirt Printing Service, you get tshirtprinting.co.za

When your looking for a cool tshirt printing business that focuses on creating unique, fresh, custom art and design, then you must think of us, as that is what we do best..

We really don’t mind if you find something on the web and we can print it, but we do insist that it will be cooler for us to take that image and render our own version of it.

Or even better take that idea and IMPROVE on it…or make something totally fresh!

For example: This action cricket team came to us, asking to make them a cricket shirt with this logo(sons of pitches-baseball logo), but with a cricket ball.

OK COOL, No problem

So we took this concept, Sketched out a custom design idea, and made a REALLY COOL Logo for this cricket team, Printed it on some of our custom Shirts we supply, which are actually the coolest sports shirts in the country , we sell various types of sports shirts which can be used for cricket,gaming,running,cycling,shooting,fishing,work wear and xtreme sports teams.

If we can’t source a cool sport shirt for you as an option, we actually manufacture it from scratch, by offering the all over printed shirt option

So here is that example: sons of pitches logo design for durban based action cricket team


FRESH DESIGN, you’ve never seen before, this is what we do best…. let us assist you with your team branding.

More > custom Cricket Team logos can be seen here < if you click the link..



Just in the day and life of what we do at tshirtprinting.co.za……..

………..So the other day some Fishing guys came to us for some custom fishing shirts. They REALLY liked this tribal fish design they found on the net and wanted us to design something similar & print it for them.

Awesome, we will assist you, but we prefer to come up with our own concept..

bass fish shirt design sketch
bass fish shirt design sketch

This is what the client gave us.. You will see below:

We suggested to our fishing clients , we will source these AWESOME Sports Long sleeve shirts that are ideal for fishing !

clients mock
clients mock


Tribal Bass sketch
Tribal Bass sketch, in my own style, better looking eye and custom tribal element flow

Here is what the Final Custom Fishing Shirt looks like,and they loved it !!! 5stars !!!

They only ordered 3 shirts from us and we put a custom name on the back, and this is another unique feature about tshirtprinting.co.za, is we can do just 3 shirts if needed.

it’s not going to be ‘cheap’ though….

This project worked out to R1500 for design, R350 per shirt , R100 delivery. Our average fee for a project like this.(Custom Design& Custom Printing)

Some guys have a real sense of humor, so if you want something a bit off, or funny, we can surely help you with some awesome ideas and make it a master peice,

ie> check out the saying on the arms of these fisherman shirts, pretty slap stick ! And totally unique, typical fisherman coming up with such funny sayings.


Now when it comes to ALL OVER PRINTED shirts and Design. This is what sets us apart from every other t-shirt printing business.

This is why you want to work with us and spend your money here…

We are not limited to an A3 format for printing a design.

We are not limited to a certain amount of colour like silk-screening.

We can literally do ANYTHING our imagination can produce !” and each project is unique with it’s own Branding and vibe.

Need corporate> We design corporate

Need wacky> We design wacky

Need Awesome> We Design Awesome

Here is a nice example..to see what ‘awesome design’ service we offer with all over printed shirts.

The other day a action cricket team came to us with this project to Create some Cool Shirts for their cricket team and their team name is ‘ BIG THOR’ and they want a ‘thor’ type Hammer theme in the design.

Their company ;  ‘SIMFY AFRICA’ must be on the shirt too for brand awareness,  As they most probably casual corporate action cricket players who just want to look really cool at their next corporate cricket match !!

Match out your opponents with your own custom cricket shirts.

This is Why they contacted tshirtprinting.co.za , now you also know where to get the coolest cricket shirts in SA !!!


Here is just a cropped image of the Thor hammer to show a close up of this totally original piece of custom created design.

Designed in Ai (adobe illustrator) Original Back of shirt Design seen below, still in progress..

Thor hammer on shirt at back
Thor hammer on shirt at back

Here are the Final Shirts, They look So COOL and original !


Do you want to get your Team some Awesome Custom One of a kind Sports kit?

Contact us now !

for the MOST CREATIVE Shirts in SA ,

 & Custom Original Design work that TRUMP out other printers  !

We are one of the BEST in SA,

when it comes to being creative and original

We like to be Trend setters in the South African T-shirt printing industry.



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