Cool Gamer T-shirt Design

Cool Gamer T-shirt Design

Check out this awesome, cool gamer t-shirt design by “Guy T Design” the creator of &

The client came to us with a basic design with logos of their sponsors that needed to go onto the shirt.

I then came up with a unique one of a kind design for their team and we also did custom names on each members T-shirt as well as Fix up some of their logos they where using on their mock up…

Because of the great work we did , our client said we can place our logo onto their shirts as promotion to get my business promoted.,outlaws gamer shirts, rage expo 2014, gamer team, gamer shirt idea, cool t-shirt design

These shirts were made for Rage Expo 2014. and The team Name is OutLaws and organised by Tyron Kid, team member: Toothpic

Thanks again to Tyron kid and his team for the awesome project, This is what we love doing here at , Designing and printing the coolest gamer shirts in the world !