About Us

We are a T-shirt & Hoodies & Custom clothing re-seller online business. 

We offer Custom Cool T-shirt & Logo Design service, (only the coolest stuff !)

Stand out as One of the coolest T-shirt Printing businesses in SA. 

We also manufacture custom all over printed garments, with custom all over designs.


We Supply our own high quality t-shirts.

We can supply any t-shirt required from 145gram / 165gram surf wear billabong style shirts / 180 gram and 200gram t-shirts.

Soccer shirts / Golf shirts / Hoodies / Long sleeves and the list goes on..

We are a Small Business with a MASSIVE Appearance run by: Guy Tasker & Jacqueline Tasker, We are striving to be the no:1 ONLINE TSHIRT PRINTING COMPANY IN SOUTH AFRICA, With all your support we are getting there ! Thanks to all our existing clients and thank you for giving us a try !

Guy Tasker (Owner / Sales / T-shirt Production Manager /  T-shirt Designer)

Jacqueline Tasker (Business Partner  / Sales & T-shirt Designer)

We work form a home office based in vereeniging area (south of JHB +/-50km away from JHB),

ALL Design is in house,

Printing & production is done on site and some printing is done off site by our suppliers..

We are independent re-sellers of various products like Barron Wear Clothing and a couple other brands we sell from our suppliers.

Support Local Entrepreneurs

“we are part of the generation of self employed freelance business people in South Africa”

“We are Creators and innovators”

“Young Entrepreneurs”

“Global Design Agency”

( Our quality and workman ship is of the highest quality )

Each and every Job we get is extremely precious to us and treated with all the respect , workmanship, quality, fine touch to deliver unique & outstanding products , some products you have never seen before. for example: WHEN have you seen such cool shirts at any other t-shirt branding printing company?

Custom printed tshirts by tshirt printing South africa
Custom printed tshirts by tshirt printing South africa
Tshirt Printed examples: Ladies custom tshirt / Promo Restaurant tshirt / Custom hoodie printed
Tshirt Printed examples: Ladies custom tshirt / Promo Restaurant tshirt / Custom hoodie printed

We always offer you the best & Not always the cheapest stuff.

We like to create unique custom garments, that no other company can create or even try to replicate! This is what makes us unique and different.


Only gain inspiration, Let us inspire you…


PLEASE EMAIL US > We like to quote via email.

Please provide the following info to give us an idea of what you want:

How many in total do you want to order?

(No minimum Order)

Sizes(Please provide ALL sizes for ALL garments)?

Colour of shirts / garment ?

(WE Supply our own t-shirts, Long sleeves, Hoodies, Caps, Jackets,Vests,All different types of Golf shirts, Sports t-shirts, All over printed shirts)

Style of Shirts / garment (round neck / V neck / Custom shirts / Hoodie with zip)?

What do you want printed(Explain your idea / Send pic’s / Mock ups)?

Please supply your artwork for us to evaluate?

& We will get back to you ASAP !

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