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Why get sublimation t-shirt printing

Why get

sublimation t-shirt printing,

All over T-shirt printing service.

Sublimation printing has become a cool alternative when looking for high-quality t-shirt printing. Sublimation printing is a technology that allows a t-shirt printing company like ours to design anything we wish all over the garment. The ink is fused to the garment by use of heat, it is not printed on top of the garment, like traditional silkscreen printing or Vinyl shirt printing.

Why get sublimation t-shirt printing:

So the COOL thing is, we are not limited to printing A3 front and back, we can virtually print All over the shirt.



Sublimation T-shirt Printing uses solvent ink to transfer a computer based printed image to special transfer paper to the material or garment. By Heat pressing a printed image onto the material, the printed image transforms into ink-gas, which moves the dye from the paper to the material. Then Fusing INTO the material vs printing on top of it. Some Sublimation Shirt printing techniques also use a special solvent ink printing machines that can prints directly onto fabric..

Why get sublimation t-shirt printing:

So the COOL thing is, the image is fused to the material vs printed on top of the shirt.


Sublimation printing is done on polyester moisture management breathable fabric, these types of fabrics allow colours to be as bright and vivid. Soft to the touch and excellent for sports activities.

Why get sublimation t-shirt printing:

So the COOL thing is, the shirt is a decent shirt to wear, feels nice, is durable and suitable for daily activities and sports activities.




Sublimated Shirt Printer

Sublimated Shirt Printer

Are you looking for ALL OVER Dye Sublimation Shirt printing?

We can assist you with Custom Sublimated T-shirt design & printing.

We love doing these types of shirts,

Great for

Gamers, “check out some more gamer shirts”,

Sports teams,

Cricket Teams,

motor sport,

moto cross,

shooting clubs ,

adventure running ,

Adventure tour groups

and more !

South African flag shirt idea
South African flag shirt idea

We created this Fun design for Adventure Tour Group,

Inclduding the LOGO DESIGN… will be participating in Put FOOT Rally, where by they travel 8000km across africa and do Pro Bona work and hand out Shoes to less fortunate people who need it.

We still busy finalizing the final design, here is a peak at what we up to…

This first design above was just a idea, but was too playfull..

We also made this one..

warp-shirt, warpthogdiaries concept sublimated shirt design idea, South African t-shirt

HERE is the current design we busy with and will be adding further sponsors who are joining the cause.

We are also one of the sponsors of this tour, as we have sponsored the T-shirt design & the Logo design for  in exchange for them ordering a whole bunch of these shirts from us.

african-them-logo cool sun design logo adventure sport

Adventure-team-shirts, all over printed adventure team shirts, put foot rally shirt

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