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tshirtprinting is on instagram

tshirtprinting is on instagram

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What Makes us so AWESOME and better than other ‘printers’ out there is simple…. !

See ALL our previous work samples on our site, the proof is in the pudding..

You will see actual real life samples of printed products. (most other ‘printers’ put mockups and images taken off the web to look like they did it, but it’s all fake)

If you want to see REAL final printed products please visit our site where you can see hundreds of printed products we have created in house.

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We stand out as one of the TOP t-shirt DESIGN websites in SA and currently do DESIGN work for international clients too.

With a vast array of work and satisfied customers, you can see we take pride in what we do & will prove we are the best at what we do… Creating Awesome Stuff, Servicing cool customers like yourself…

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eSports Apparel Design & printing in house

eSports jersey Design

eSports Apparel, made in South Africa

All Design & printing is done in House.

Check out some of our latest Gamer shirt apparel made in 2018….


t shirt template clean

We have Solutions

Here’s a FREE T-shirt Template, click¬†on pic to download


Want to Stand Out?

Get Customized & Cool Designs,


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Delivering Best Quality Products & Solutions

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2Xtreme Sports

2Xtreme Sports

Are you EXTREME ?

2Xtreme is a brand focusing on extreme lifestyle clothing.

Extreme Sports Wear, for the extreme only.



Dota esports Clan t-shirt

2Xtreme esports |  Gaming apparel in South Africa

gamer-shirt-banner 2cooldesign-clothing-long-sleeve-all-over-print-skeleton

2Xtrme surfing

2Xtreme skating


2Xtreme Rugby

2Xtreme Cricket

t-shirt printing, cool monkey logo

2Xtreme cycling

2Xtreme ice hockey


2Xtrme motorcross

2Xtreme Sports

Contact us for your 2Xtreme clothing


Give Away shirt…

simply promote on your facebook pages. Send a screen shot with your email and cell number.

you will then be entered into our monthly draw for Free all over printed shirt.

Halloween shirt idea, zombie shirt
Halloween shirt idea


king queen hoodies

Come Get some cool King & Queen Hoodies

King & Queen T-shirts BUY NOW

Get some custom made King & Queen Hoodies

Get some custom made T-shirts


the cool guys , t shirt printing Solutions >

We have done several designs of the King & Queen Hoodies and we also offer additional print with your purchase.

Below is our own custom made design we sell , other options are available and we do design from scratch as well should you want a one off design and one off hoodie as a sentimental gift

Visit our online store to Buy direct from online store? Just let us know the sizes for King and Sizes for Queen.

>>Online store King & Queen Hoodies for Sale<<


king-queen-hoodies-buy-south-africa online

We will Deliver to your Door.


“couldn’t get any more simple than that”


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Custom Work Shirt Solutions

Custom Work Shirt Design and Printing Solutions

Elevate your Brand Style and image with custom made , custom designed , cool work shirts for every day working.

Moisture Management , Breathable material, light weight and very comfortable while working through the day.

How to improve your brand image, Brand all your staff with ultra cool work clothing.


Here is a very recent T-shirt we did for Black Fuel , number one fueling solution.

Custom was blown away with the ‘cool factor

Order online> contact us for Quoting

Superior High Quality Warm Cool Sandton-business-jackets by
corporate sports shirts
corporate sports shirts for Casual Events


WOODWORK COMPANY LOGO DESIGN and Casual shirts for everyday use.            Modern Insight is Based in USA
all-over-printed-cool-hoodies-for Trendy dance-club

cooling-fabric-light-weight-gamer-shirts transfer-print-onto-caps-service-fullcolour-logo-onto-caps-how-to 2COOLDESIGN-CLOTHING-SPORTS-TEAM-SHIRT-PRINTING hardcore-shirt-sublimated-gamer

custom design barber-shop-shirts
custom design barber-shop-shirts

Battlefield-gamer-shirt-custom-team-shirt-logo-custom-all-over-print-gamer-shirt black mma shirt


sketch-mockup-dawg-house-MMA-logo-Design we-will-recommend-the-best-possible-solution tell-us-what-you-need


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esports team jerseys

esports team jerseys

South Africa Esport Gaming T-shirt Design & Printing Service…

esports team jerseys for South African Esport Teams

We work with many, many Gamer clans from around the country.

Our Focus on esports team jerseys is to create the most coolest, unique and custom cool gamer gear in the world.. Never mind just targeting South Africa, we go global and compete on a global scale when it comes to the coolest Gamer Shirts in the World..

Now you found us, time to contact us to get your team some EPIC Gamer Shirts..

esports team jerseys concept
esports team jerseys concept


cs-go-team-gaming-shirts, gamer jersey printer south africa


esport shirt south Africa teams
esport shirt south Africa teams


time to contact us to get your team some EPIC Gamer Shirts..