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Don’t know what font this is?

Have you ever needed to design something and don’t know what font was used.

We use this amazing site called: , you need to prepare your text neatly, upload it and bam, it shows you results.

Then if you can’t download a free one from their suggestion, do a bit of google search and you may find a site where you can get that font or at least you may find a 95% match font to the one you need..

ie: We needed to re-do this logo..

pool billiards logo vector

So i took the Africa text and neaten it up in photoshop, by selecting the text with magic wand and creating a new layer then filling the area with black, deleted the layer below then saved as jpeg..


uploaded it, filled in the form and found the right font !

then they did not have a free version to download at the suggested links, so i simply did a goolge search and found a site that offered the font to download..

And then put together the final VECTOR logo for POOL BILLIARDS SOUTH AFRICA, as we need to use this logo on a all over printed shirt


How to open doc.x files with word 2003-2007

How to open doc.x files with word 2003-2007

Hey, did you ever run into this problem, We still use microsoft 2003-2007 version and customers who have the upgrade version send us doc.x files,

We installed this add on, and it will allow you to open doc.x files in 2003-2007 microsoft word.


Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats